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miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2009

Robert deja de FUMAR!!!!



Las fans muy preocupadas por la salud de Robert han publicado en internet la siguiente petición:

Robert, please throw out the smokes. I know, you have probably heard this before, but we being your fans and you being our idol,do not like to think of what they will do to you.
People who smoke have severe problems. First, the cigarettes increase your cancer rate by 90%. That is way too much. Second, the people who smoke tend to age faster. Now, of course there is always Botox and other cosmetic surgeries but we like having a young, handsome, 23-year-old man who looks his age. We do not want you to look 50 when you turn 27. You will get multiple wrinkles around the face and your nails, teeth and skin where the cancer sticks are held will be stained with the ugly yellow color of tobacco.
Third, we love you. You are a role model to many men and women, old and young across the world. In fact, my 6-year-old niece was playing Twilight with her neighbor across the street. I introduced them to the wonderful world when I read it out loud to her. They were pretending to be in a movie, so they would take breaks and things. The neighbor, Dillon, took a straw and held it like he was smoking. I asked him why he was doing that and he replied that his big sister, who is 14, was watching a movie on the internet and she saw that you were a smoker and cried. He went and watched a video of you singing "Let Me Sign" and saw that in the photo reel, there was multiple pictures of you smoking. He said he wanted to be like you. Do you want to be the reason why a 7-year-old boy is trying to smoke cigarettes? I would hope not. You are a talented and beautiful man with a wonderful acting and singing career that is in front of your life. Why not add a good role model to the list of what you are? So please, Robert Pattinson, please just quit smoking. I know you most likely will not stop cold turkey. Just slowly reduce your intake and you will someday succeed. We all love you, Robert. We have faith and confidence that you will someday soon, quit smoking.

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